Often, my Samsung Galaxy A24 phone makes some sound, apparently a notification. A text flashes at the top of the screen for a second. While I rush to the phone, the text has gone away. How can I see the most recent notification, or all recent notifications?

When I swipe down from the top edge of the screen, a page with many device controls appears (probably called the notification bar). Yes, it shows many notifications, but I usually cannot find there the one of a minute ago (judging by the time stamp at the top-right of the notifications tile). Today, I see there are some notifications from a week ago.

What am I missing? Is there any other place to look for recent (or all) notifications? Is there a relevant setting?


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This may vary by model and make, so YMMV.

Try navigating to Notifications & Status Bar > More settings. Towards the bottom, there should be a Notification History; note you will need to go into that menu and toggle the feaure on before it will start backlogging your notification entries.

Once enabled, you can create a widget on your desktop and use your preferred home screen application to call on the activity directly, creating a shortcut directly to the Notification History page.

  • Thanks! In my case he Notification History toggle was on already. I tried urning it off and on again. Don't yet know if it helped -- seems not. Commented Apr 20 at 3:49

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