I am wondering if there might be a way for me to get some to "live boot" my bootlooping Samsung Galaxy S7 G930A (AT&T model, qualcomm snapdragon with locked bootloader) for data recovery purposes.

I saw an answer discussing booting SoC's from a usb drive and another answer specifically regarding this sort of thing for samsung devices

I dont need a custom rom, I can use a signed one, anything I can get to boot or interact with the device (usb-debugging from PC? fastboot?) without deleting my files currently on the device.

I also have some confusion about flashing, as normally it seems like this destroys the data on the device There is a comment here seeming to say otherwise and an article suggesting that you can "flash" an ENG_ROOT image and non-destructively recover data (found that article from another interesting article here).

Is it possible to interact with the device and retrieve data (even encrypted data) via some sort of "live boot" or interaction via USB without using booting a (possibly corrupt) image already on the device or while its "off"? Also some clarity about flashing and if it has to be destructive to the data on the device would be nice.


  • I am "Developer" on the device, but I think USB debugging was disabled and I dont know about ADB (used it once, but think it was disabled).
  • I saw this post about a S7 Edge, but I am not necessarily trying to get it in usable shape again, just recover data for now.
  • There is this post as well, but its older and I don't know if the same knowledge applies today or to this specific device with a locked bootloader (other posts seem to indicate it may not).
  • There is acquisition software like andriller but I just dont know if I can use it from the devices state.
  • Willing to try and get root
  • No one seems to have answered this question, my question is not exactly the same (I ask about what I can do via usb for recovery purposes) but its related

Thank you! - TFB

  • If the bootloader is locked then you can boot only kernel images signed by Samsung. And I have not yet seen an Android phone that is capable of booting from USB or SD-card.
    – Robert
    Commented Mar 10 at 22:25
  • There are some signed images available I also some ENG_ROOT images. Commented Mar 10 at 22:32


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