I am now trying to get my old phone to life. This is Nexus 4 with Android 5.1.1. I have successfully restored it to the factory, now I am trying to configure it with my Google account. Unfortunately, each time I enter a password, it redirects me to the "Add phone number?" screen and I get stuck there - links "more info", "skip", and "I'm in" simply do not work. The only thing I can do is cancel the whole operation.

I also gave a try with another Google account - it also got stuck on the screen asking "Who will be using this device?".

Is there any way to configure the account?

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The second symptom finally allowed me to google the solution. I found the proper answer here.

Before logging in, I have chosen that I do not remember my login. I have entered a valid recovery address and entered the recovery code. Then I was able to go through the logging process (including the "add the phone?" screen) smoothly.

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