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What can I do to increase battery life on my Android device?

My Huawei Android is dead after one day. I am looking for

  1. ways to extend the battery life

  2. a new Android -phone with long battery-life (3. hopefully a phone with two Sim -cards)

I don't know what I really need. For 1, the Wifi/3D-all-the-time-on eats battery -- but hey I like to read my emails on phone. For 2, I could buy more bulky phone. For 3, something here (not sure about the quality). Look I currently use my non-3G iPad with long battery -life, I could buy the 3G version to alleviate the battery problem. I also use Nokia 9300 or Nokia 1111 with 1 week battery life.

With Wifi/3G -problem, is it possible to have them in some energy -saving mode. 1 day battery in Android phones is totally ridiculous. How can I get long battery life?

  • Your second question is off-topic; shopping recommendations are not on-topic here. (Please read the FAQ.) As for your first question, there are multiple questions here that cover eking more life out of a battery. I hate to tell you that a smartphone that lasts an entire day without needing recharging is doing well. Two days is pretty much unheard of.
    – ale
    Commented Jul 11, 2012 at 23:40

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Regarding this two parts of your question:

...ways to extend the battery life...

...With Wifi/3G -problem, is it possible to have them in some energy -saving mode...

I own a Huawei U8510-1 (Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread) and I also had to deal with that battery issue. When I've bought it, my battery lasted a day, forcing me to recharge it every night.

After some tests, by disabling and enabling stuff, I was able to give it a slight increase, specially when I've disabled the 3G, leaving only the WiFi. , but couldn't get it to pass two days without a recharge.

The best solution I've found till the present day was this APP:

  • Easy Battery Saver free

    Save power, extend battery life and perfect experience of using phone with Easy Battery Saver!

It works and really makes a difference. I'm able to control every small detail regarding what my phone should or shouldn't be doing, down to what apps can use 3G or WiFi. Now I charge my phone one, max two times a week, depending on the usage. :)


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