I have a TCL_T501C, Cricket Wireless, US Android, (I am in Canada, on "roaming" network,) I have 2 Google accounts, the country in "account 1" is set to United States, while the country of "account 2" is set to Canada, and I am not able to download the RBC (Canadian bank) mobile app or the Walmart Canada app on neither of my 2 accounts, after clearing the cache, (on account 1 it says "Your device isn't compatible with this version", and "This app isn't available", and on account 2 it says "Looking for RBC Mobile? This app won't work for your device"). What do I need to do to be able to download the app?

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Assuming that the country setting in the account has not just been changed.

  • Some apps from a different country can be installed by

    1. Using an account setup for that country. Really set up for that country, which includes a payment method and address.
    2. And using a VPN
  • Others can not be installed unless you are in that country, you can not fool it.

In your case, Account-2 says "App wont work for your device". This is likely the truth. Account-1 is failing because its in the wrong country. Check the compatibility list on Google Play

  • What do you mean by "has not just been changed"? How far back does the country setting in the account need to be changed in order for an app from a different country to download? (I changed it 3 to 6 months ago.) Also, are you saying that in my case there is no option for me to download those apps? If there is a solution, please give step by step process.
    – Bilha
    Commented Apr 29 at 18:11

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