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How can I free some disk space without deleting my apps?

I've installed such software as Shazam, Baidu Map, QQ, HiMarket, MeiTuan, UC Mobile, etc. At first everything is fine, but nowadays the phone always says "Low on space". What should I do?

  • There are also several other similar questions with advice on how to find out what's taking up space and how to clear out some of that space. Check the internal-storage tag.
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It should be the applications occupying /data/ space as they are in use, mainly due to runtime files, cache, database, etc.

In order to verify this, you can execute the following:

adb shell
su -c "du /data" | sort -n

It should have a result like:


3792    /data/data/com.UCMobile
28399   /data/app
35647   /data/data
49374   /data/dalvik-cache
114865  /data/

And then you can check the directories from large to small, to see what's taking so much space.


It could also be a good idea to clear the apps cache. You can do so manually, going to settings -> applications, opening each app, and hit the "clear cache" button -- or use a helper app as e.g.

All these are available for free on the ma... play store, do not require root access, and do the cleaning automated with one tap only. There are many more available, if you want to check out...

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