The formal Voice Actions web page lists a small number of Voice Actions keywords:

  1. send text to
  2. navigate to
  3. call
  4. map of
  5. note to self
  6. listen to
  7. send email to
  8. go to
  9. {anything else} fires Google Search?

But when I use certain applications which use Android's built-in speech recognition, the recognizer won't respond to certain other keywords as well. Instead, it will wait until a second word will be spoken before acknowledging "end of speech" and returning with a result (often the wrong one, because it's always the 1st word plus the 2nd word).

The fact that the returned result always includes the 1st word tells me that Google's recognizer heard it, but decided to ignore it for some reason. So the only explanation I can think of for now is that these must be "reserved keywords".

For example, two common such keywords I found to be exhibiting this behavior are: open and exit .

Have you experienced this too?

If so, with which words?

Update: I just observed that some phones are more prone to this problem than others. What does this mean?

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