Are there projects (e.g. ROMs) out there that offers a more Linux like experience on Android?

Here are some things that I hope for

  • easy installation on similar platforms
  • shell access
  • development tools such as gcc, Python

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There are quite a few options already:

  • Chroot to a full fledged linux (search for debian chroot android, it's got quite a few hits)
  • There are also native ports of Debian or Ubuntu for some phone/tablet models.
  • Shell access is already there: Terminal Emulator
  • If you install an aftermarket firmware such as CyanogenMod you will get root access, busybox, bash, an ssh client/server amongst other things
  • Here's the SL4A project (scripting layer for android), it adds python, lua, perl and other interpreted languages to android
  • You can build Qt applications (yes, even those using QtGui) using Necessitas -- a port of most parts of the Qt Desktop framework to Android. Applications as complex as Quassel (an IRC client/server) can be built with very minimal source changes. In theory this would allow you to build much of KDE4, though some parts (e.g. the Plasma workspace) may be too heavily tied to Xorg/GLX.
  • Most C/C++ programs from GNU/Linux that do not require a graphical interface can be compiled to run on Android using the Android NDK

    • You can also use Qpython3 for python in android . Features:
  • Run Python3 applications including script and projects on Android device
  • Execute Python3 Code & File From QRCode
  • Support SL4A Programming, can access android's feature, like network, bluetooth, location
  • Support Python3 console
  • Support QEdit which allow you edit Python code Support FTP server, which can let you transfer the Python3 project from your PC to mobile easily

  • Other things, you aware of. Feel free to add it here

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  • botbrew is a fairly neat package manager for Android, too. Gives you some useful utilities like make, git. And since it's a package manager, you can add a ton more. Mar 28, 2013 at 6:12

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