Mobile operators in Brazil have added a leading digit, but only for São Paulo numbers. Now, both landline numbers (in São Paulo and otherwise) and mobile numbers from other states have 8 digits, while São Paulo mobile numbers have 9 (in addition to the optional area code that's 2 digits).

I'd like 8-digit numbers to be formatted like 1234-5678 and 9-digit numbers formatted like 123-456-789. Is this possible?

I've read the answers to following questions and none of them anwers this question:

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What I will do with the same problem :


I use MyPhoneExplorer to do tasks like this. It will download contacts to the PC, where you can use the tool to edit the contacts and write them back. But it's only one at a time.

I find it much easier to use this to tidy up all my contacts, periodically.

Screenshot of this feature from their website. I am not associated with it any way, just been using it for forever.

enter image description here

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