I noticed today that my Android device shows up in the Google Dashboard for my work (Google Apps) address, as opposed to the Google Dashboard for my personal address.

I am wondering if this is even an issue? Of course I would prefer to have it associated with my personal account dashboard.

I have not tried to remedy the issue yet. Maybe my first step would be to delete the work account on my Android and see if it would default to a different account. As far as I can tell there is no option for changing a "default account" with which your Android associates.


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The default account is the one that you logged in with first. If this was your Apps account and the "Remove account" option doesn't work than on a non-rooted device the only way to remedy this I to perform a Factory reset. However the device will still show up on your dashboard, I have devices I stopped using two years ago still there.

One other thing to note is that your phone should show up on all accounts that you're logged in with. If it doesn't, try downloading a free app with that account.

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