I recently bought an Android tablet with a keyboard, and would like to use it to take notes of conferences, lectures, meetings etc. On a Windows or Linux notebook, I would use the excellent LyX system for this. LyX basically allows you to write structured text without worrying about the layout, saying "this is a #3 heading" or "this should be emphasized" instead of "this should be bold and a larger size". LyX then allows you to export your text as PDF, DOC, ODF, LaTeX and so on.

I am looking for an App that allows a similar approach to writing for Android. What I already tested:

  • Writer is almost what I'm searching, a minimalist text editor that understands Markdown and saves its document as plain text on the Android device (no network necessary). I'd like a few more formatting options and an export feature, though.

  • Write:Tablet doesn't seem to have many structuring features

  • Most "office" packages like Polaris Office do not offer format templates, but restrict the user to bold / italic / font size types of formatting

  • Google Docs needs a constant net connection

So, I'm aware that this is a very small niche I am looking for here, and such an app would probably not make sense on phones, but is there another interesting tool for structured text creation?


Thanks for introducing Lyx, pretty impressive open source app.

There are two products from Verbosus. I understood that Lyx is a Latex based tool and hence producing this link.

I am not confident enough whether suggested Latex editor will be equivalent to Lyx, but just trying to help.


You might want to take a look at one of the following apps:

  • NoteLynX Pro Outliner: Hierarchical organization of notes, customizable CSS, lots of formatting options, hyperlinks and more, XML export
  • Wikilin: As the name suggest, a wiki-style editor. Cross-platform, different formatting options
  • Ema Personal Wiki: Another wiki-style editor with dropbox support, also a Windows version available
  • WikiMind note: Again wiki-style editor, cross-document links, macro support, encryption support

There are also several LaTeX editors on the market, but to me they looked rather complicated. From your question I take it you prefer something like wiki-style -- but feel free to offer a more detailed description of what you are looking for.


There are several Markdown editors for Android, but it's hard to compare and this are evolving. What I have found so far, includes (sorted alphabetically):

To find the best application for your needs, first make clear the most important features, such as Dropbox sync or support of a specific Markdown dialect - for instance information about the latter is hard to find from the official app description. For this reason I cannot recommend one app (shopping recommendations should not be given at this place anyway).


If you want to a markdown text editor which has export capability, you should try JotterPad X.


I would recommend Omnibus Writer, which is recently released on the amazon app store (http://www.amazon.com/Jerry-He-Omnibus-Writer/dp/B00PA8VUIS/), there is a cheaper version ($0.99) on android app store, but it has banner ads on the bottom and I ended up returning it.

Not only can you use the markdown syntax, it also allows you to write math equations(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfOnOXirIOs) in a similar way to Lyx, so you can write your Math Homework on the go.

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