I've been searching around for the topic these few days. However, I am getting into a problem of information overflow - there are too many different version and custom kernal around. Most of them are still in active development with a chain of discussion on forum that is difficult to check what they actually are.

Do you know are there any feature matrix of these kernel? If it is yet exists, I am going to build one from here. Please share the kernel/rom you found that


CyanogenMod is a famous community-build Android ROM for multiple Android devices. Give you a very different user experience.

CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 2.2 which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

  • Require flash : Yes
  • Custom ROM: Yes (that's mean no Samsung stuffs, changed app launcher, etc)
  • Custom Kernel: Yes
  • Lagfix: hot development
  • Latest development: Work in progress
  • And there are stable releases of CyanogenMod based on the much newer Android 4.x sources than the official Samsung ROMs for Galaxy S. Apr 21 '13 at 15:30

Project Voodoo is a community-build kernel based on Samsung official sources with minimized patches. It provide few fixes focusing on file system, visual and audio improvement, without a lot of changes feature add-on or changing of user experience.

In a nutshell, voodoo replaces RFS with EXT4 in order to greatly boost your phone’s speed and user experience.

  • Require Rooted : No
  • Custom ROM: No
  • Custom Kernel: Yes
  • Lagfix: Native ext4
  • User option: multiple builds provied
  • Latest stable: beta4 for 2.1
  • Latest development: pre6 for 2.2;

One Click Lag Fix a one click application to fix the IO performance lag issue by using a ext2 on top on the original RFS. In addition, it provide few utility to optimize IO scheduler and also WiFi timeout.

OCLF uses a loopback EXT2 mount on top of RFS to store the RFS data inside

  • Require Rooted : Yes
  • Android App : Market (TODO: add link)
  • Custom ROM: No
  • Custom Kernel: ??
  • Lagfix: ext2 on RFS
  • User option: In app selection
  • Latest stable: 2.2.8

Doc's Froyo is pretty, great, and i think it's like the go to rom for the moment

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    Could you kindly provide a link and major focus of it? e.g. performance, power saving, special patches..etc
    – Dennis C
    Nov 11 '10 at 8:18

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