I am trying the stock email client and I have used my live email account to check it out. Unfortunately, when I open a message I don't get the full email with the pictures like on the computer. For this to happen, I have to press at "load more details" on the end of the message. Also, I can't get the new emails without refreshing the account through the app.

How can I "fix this?"

enter image description here

enter image description here


For the images, you should ramp up the "Size to Retrieve" value. Most images are in the ten or hundreds of kilobytes.

For the sync-

The first thing you should try is -- from the homescreen, Menu>Settings>Accounts&Sync> and ensure that sync is enabled for the email client.

-However- You may not have a version of the stock email client that supports the exchange push protocol. (Such a thing used to exist, although I'm fairly sure all stock mail clients support exchange, nowadays) Or else, you may need to remove the account and manually re-add it as an account that uses "Exchange" -


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