Converting a person's voice to another person's voice when you are talking with somebody with the cell in real-time. For instance the sender is a male but his voice will be converted into a female voice.

How can I transform/convert my voice while making a call?

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  • boss vt1 is a unit that cost 500 bucks, its the real deal, can change voice as you speak in real time from male to female. – user62539 Jun 8 '14 at 15:13

There used to be an app called SpoofApp that let you spoof your caller id and change your voice. It was a free app but you had to buy credits to use it. I tried it and it did work. The voice changer worked too although it sometimes sounded a little cartoonish. The app is now called Phone Gangster and I'm not sure if it still works the same.


I don't know how to change voice over cellular phone calls, but there's a VoIP calling app which allows you to change voice: Voice Changer Calling.

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