Has anyone come across with sync-in email accounts using the native app?

For example:

I known a Bell.net account (Provided by Bell Canada), which uses Hotmail.com server. On Ice Cream Sandwhich I was able to punch in my email & password and it would automatically connect to my email no issues.

When I upgraded to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean it prompt me to select "POP", "IMAP" or "Exchange" setting. Is anyone else experiencing this with either a Bell.net or Hotmail.com accounts?

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Modern email clients are often able to detect the email server settings just from the username / password tuple.

If you are suddenly asked for an protocol (and possible outgoing/incoming mail server settings) then you should look them up on your mail providers homepage.

E.g., a quick Google search came up with this page for Bell Canada.

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