I want to remove a bunch of images and it is extremely slow in Android. I want to edit things directly in Desktop, maybe such services with something like Google Picasa (?). In other words, how can I edit my images on the memory card of the Android device on Desktop?

The Desktop and the Android are linked with the same Google account.


You can do this via WiFi, using a remote management app like e.g. AirDroid or, when on Windows, MyPhoneExplorer. There are a lot more apps like this, and they give you the added benefit of being able to manage a lot of other things remotely -- as e.g. reading/writing SMS, managing apps/contacts/ringtones, copying files between your device and your computer, and sometimes even backup stuff.

Most of them (like the mentioned AirDroid1) start a web service on your device, which you then can access with your browser. This often looks like a "virtual PC" (see screenshot below). Others (like here MyPhoneExplorer2) have a native PC-Client, which can even do more (like here: synchronizing with Outlook and others).


AirDroid managing pictures


MyPhoneExplorer Windows Client

  • can you tell me Py phone Explorer is developed in which Technology ? – Rahul Gupta Jul 14 '14 at 10:43
  • @RahulGupta No. I don't use Windows, so I neither use this app. Apart from that, this is a completely different question, and not quite fitting on this site; better check their home page for details, or contact their developers. – Izzy Jul 14 '14 at 10:52

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