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Can I automatically log in to open WiFi that requires web login/password?

At a hospital, there is a no-password Wi-Fi network which is for guest and prior having internet, I have to click "Accept" button on an initial web page I get in a browser. The page is super simple, single frame with single button at the bottom called accept.

There is an app in the play store which can open browser so that I can click the accept button.(app name: Auto Wi-Fi Prompt) Well, is there a way to write such script which will make even the "accept" click for me? (e.g., llama advanced config and a ".bat" file after that)

for example, once I activate Wi-Fi, it detects being connected to hospital-guest and will auto-click accept for me.


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I don't think you looked very hard in the Play Store. I found several apps which look like they'll do what you want. (I searched on "wifi auto login".)

  • Wifi Browser Login "This app will automatically detect if your WiFi connection requires browser login. It can be configured to either notify you or automatically popup a webview for you to login."
  • WiFi Web Login "Automatically logs you on to any WiFi hotspot, hotel WiFi, guest WiFi."
  • WiFi Auto Login Lite "WiFi Auto-Login automatically logs in your Android device into some of the most popular FREE WiFi hotspots, eliminating the need to deal with that annoying WiFi hotspot login page!"
  • ...plus a bunch more. There's quite a few that have a very fine focus, such as one just for Starbucks.
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    The last two of those are trail->payment junk just FYI. Something this simple should always be free.
    – Enigma
    Commented Oct 7, 2014 at 19:30

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