I want to sync my Thunderbird Lightning calendar on my office laptop with my Samsung S III calendar. How can I do that?

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Have you considered using the Google calendar?

As far as I know you can sync the Samsung S III and the Thunderbird Lightning calendar with the Google calendar.

Samsung SIII: http://www.samsunggalaxys3forum.com/forum/samsung-galaxy-s3-help/1278-samsung-s3-s-calendar-not-syncing-google-calendar.html

Lightning: http://www.vikitech.com/7955/sync-google-yahoo-windows-live-calendars-thunderbirds-lightning


As you don't specify, I assume your office laptop is running Windows. In this case you might want to take a look at the MyPhoneExplorer Client App for your SGS, and its desktop pendant for your laptop. As far as I know (I'm not a Windows user), this should be the best and complete solution -- not only caring for your calendar with Thunderbird and others, but doing a lot more useful things to manage your device.

If you do not care for those extras, you might rather take a look at BirdieSync for Thunderbird (or simply search the playstore for thunderbird).

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