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How can I uninstall applications that are locked by phone vendor?

I am using the LG P500 phone, running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

I want to uninstall the applications provided by the operating system distribution, that is, the default applications. Is there a way to do this?


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System apps are stored in the /system/ partition. You can only uninstall them if your device is rooted (see: How do I root my Android device?).

Preinstalled software are most likely system apps, so if you can't uninstall them through the Settings menu there is probably no other way than rooting.

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    Suppose one roots one's device and then uninstalls a few applications. Now after uninstalling can he "unroot" his device and go back to using the standard OS again?
    – Mugen
    Dec 16, 2012 at 14:23
  • Yes it's possible to unroot.
    – theodm
    Dec 16, 2012 at 22:04

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