I understand that Cyanogenmod 10 is still in early access, but I installed a cm-10-20120910-NIGHTLY-i9100 build to my Samsung Galaxy S 2 anyways. I had a stock 4.0.4 before. I heard that this problem happened with previous CM versions, but couldn't find a fix.

Now, all my files are still on the internal SD card, but built-in apps like Play Music or Gallery can't see them. I can still access these files with PowerAmp or Root File Explorer. Even if I take a picture with the camera, it puts the file in DCIM\Camera where all the other pictures are, but it can only see the picture that I just took. There's no difference in file permission or owners between the files, all of them belong to system and group is sdcard_rw.

If I connect the device in USB storage mode, I can access all the files from my computer. In MTP mode, I can only see new files.

I tried to chmod 777 all files; it didn't work.

Does anyone know what I should do? Is there a way to tell android to see my files?


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Happy to help. Here's a link to a solution that worked. Notable is the fact that this works for at least two devices that I have troubleshooted, so there's a high probability that this will work for you. While I didn't have the liberty of connecting my device (a Galaxy Nexus GSM) in the USB mode, I did see all my files in the MTP mode after doing everything exactly as it is detailed. All the best!

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