I have a text message sent from a phone number that is not yet linked in any other method.

Is there a way to use this message's number to create a new contact or modify an existing one directly from the text messaging application?

If it is relevant, I use Gmail for my contacts and have imported from Facebook.

I have Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

What I've tried

This question is vaguely similar, but not quite what I'm looking for.

I know I can copy/paste the number if I open the "modify recipients" dialog, click on the number, and click/hold to open the cut/copy/paste tool. I can also simply write down the number on paper. I'm looking for an alternative.

There are no menu options if I select the message at the top-level of the Text app.

The menu options while in the text message thread don't seem relevant:

  • Insert smiley
  • Delete
  • Set priority
  • Add subject
  • Modify recipients

The menu options if I click and hold on an individual message don't seem relevant:

  • Delete message
  • Forward message
  • Copy message text
  • Protect message
  • View message details
  • Add to task

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On my Android 4.0.4 if I click on the picture of the contact, I get option to save it.


Go to your main text screen and in the list of people who have texted you, for example


(tap and hold this number)

On menu it says Add to Contacts


To add a contact that you haven't called yet, you can open the "People" app, then click the icon with the + in the bottom middle.

If I recall correctly, Android 4.4 was kind enough to include this option from the phone dialing screen.

Reference: Android Tapp - What’s New in Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 » Android 4.0 People App (Contacts)

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