I am looking for an Android app which provides a virtual keyboard (and mouse) for a Windows PC. These are my requirements:

  • run in window-less mode, e.g. as a service (nice for HTPC)
  • provide support for special keys and key combinations

What I tried so far:


  • does not run as service
  • does not support special keys and key combinations
  • does not display any connection information


  • always displays window (does not run as service)


  • runs as service
  • no support for key combinations, just translates the usual android keyboard
  • up/down/left/right keys not working

Mouse and Keyboard Remote

  • no service, but CurrentVersion/Run

Does anyone have another suggestion?

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I've been satisfied with All In One Remote so far. It also works with other OSes than Windows. As for run in window-less mode, I can think of a couple of ways to easily hide the server window for All In One Remote. It would just take a few minutes to make in AutoIt. As for provide support for special keys and key combinations, as far as I know, I can do key combinations with it too.


I finally settled with Unified Remote. It does not provide a real service but can be run without displaying a window as a task bar program. It provides all special key combinations needed and also has a working automatic server detection. And I even haven't tried all the supplied program remotes!

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