I want to be able to send texts through my laptop, but without having to download anything onto it. Is there any app i can download on my phone to be able to tdo that?

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Airdroid will allow you to do this and more.

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  • Transfer files to and from your device via web browser. Wireless operation via WiFi connection.
  • No client required on computer, enjoy all functions & features just in your browser. Free of drivers or computer environment limits.
  • IM like interface, search contacts or copy the messages, chat with your friends more conveniently. Quick and easy group texting from the comfort of your desktop.
  • Organize music, photos, videos, messages and call logs with contacts. Much easier apps install, uninstall and even backing up. Play music and video clips stored on device, or view your photos on the big computer screen.
  • Provide convenient management on your device. Including Device Status, Processes Manager, Apps Manager and SD Card control.
  • Device screenshot, multiple desktops, weather, calendar, url transfer, etc.

From their site: http://airdroid.com/

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