Please help me to emulate my Phone's SD card as a network drive in my Wi-Fi network. I am able to mount it as a Media device which will only help us to play music with Windows Media Player. But I want my SD card as a network drive.

  • You are searching for an app that acts as SMB/CIFS server.
    – Robert
    Sep 19, 2012 at 11:23

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A good application to do that is the Samba Filesharing. It shares your sdcard, making it easy to transfer files from/to your phone.


After installing the application from Google Play, open it and fill a password by touching the password menu. The default username is SDCARD and the default Workgroup is WORKGROUP. You can leave it that way or change it in a way that suits you.

Settings Menu 1

I'd recommend enabling and selecting your WiFi in the WiFi White List . That way it only enables Samba sharing when connected to your preferred Network.

Settings Menu 2WiFI White Listenter image description here

That done, you only have to go to your Network Shares and look for a device called ANDROID.


  • Name: SDCARD
  • pw: (the one you defined earlier)

Open the shared folder and it will ask again for credentials, and you're done.

Here you have a video that completes this information.


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