I've started getting a loud beep notification when my battery hits 15%. Possibly this happened after an Audio Manager update but I don't see any settings in the app to change it. Previously the notification was silent, I didn't even know it could have a sound! There doesn't seem to be a relevant setting under Settings -> Sound.

How can I disable this notification sound?

I'm rooted, running 2.2 (TeamWhiskey's NextGen v1).


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If you go into /system/media/audio/ui, you can delete/rename LowBattery.ogg to remove the low battery sound. This will work as long as it is using the system low battery sound as an alert. I don't know anything about Audio Manager, or whether this is even possible, but it may be using its own sound, in which case this would not work.

This requires:

  1. A rooted device
  2. A SuperUser enabled file browser/terminal emulator
  3. /system to be mounted in read/write mode
  • For the rest of us reading this, this requires root. Dec 27, 2012 at 2:16

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