On my HTC One X, my home screen has an HTC Clock widget on it. When I unlock my phone, the time displayed on the clock shows the old time (when the phone was last unlocked) for about 2-3 seconds, and only then updates to the correct time. The system time (as seen on the lock screen and in the status bar) is correct at all times, so for a jarring moment the widget and the status bar are displaying different times.

If I place an HTC Clock widget on a panel other than the home one, a similar problem occurs: the clock is not updated until a few seconds after that panel is displayed, at which time it 'jumps' to the correct time.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Is this a problem unique to the HTC Clock widget, or would this also happen if I used a different app?

edit this behaviour remains the same in Airplane mode, so it's not a network latency issue


Following an OTA upgrade to Android 4.1.1, this problem appears to have been fixed. On unlocking, the clock widget immediately shows the correct system time.


From your description ..

It would appear that the widget is just polling (ntp to Internet timeserver), rather than ever trusting the inbuilt (battery backed) clock.

This could simply be a design decision / flaw.

  • I've just checked, and the behaviour is the same in Airplane mode. Editing question to include this.
    – AakashM
    Oct 1 '12 at 8:14

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