This might seem a foolish question but I'm facing this basic issue on my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (android 2.3.6). This is my first Androide device and using it only since a week and a basic issue is ruining my Android experience.

While on call, if I press home button by mistake (Habit of last mobile), call minimize to top bar. This is specially painful when I need to cancel the call in urgency and I found call is minimized to taskbar, which then take considerable time to open the call and end it.

Is there any way to end the call immediately (shortcut) or at the least prevent the call to minimize during call.

Most basic and primary purpose of phone is to make/receive calls. I'm sure android must have taken care of that but its frustrating for me not to find that basic function.

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    There is a setting under Accessibility which allows you to end calls by using the power button. – ale Oct 1 '12 at 18:25

Go to your phone settings menu. Under Accessibility, click the checkbox for Power button ends call.

Be careful using this with bluetooth. I have accidentally ended calls because I wanted to put the phone in my pocket; I pressed the power button (don't want my touchscreen active: I might accidentally end the call!), and the call ended.


Power Key End Call will let you end a call by pressing the power key. This should solve your problem; you can press the power key on any screen and end the current call.

  • That's not very helpful. How about a name? How/why does it solve the problem? – ale Dec 16 '13 at 12:55

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