I use a Korean version of Galaxy S (SHW - M110s) phone which runs on android 2.3.6., I want to update it to ICS or JB.

I have rooted the phone with major sufferings and flashed with Nakyup ROM. XDA dev people strongly advised me not to update the phone and that may cause a phone brick. But yet I have seen some videos of people in youtube has installed ICS on SHW M110s and they are reluctant to reply my queries.

I understand the hardware architecture may difference for mine and the international Galaxy S. If anybody is there to help me in order to update my phone ? Anyone done it before ?


ICS or Jelly Bean cannot work on this particular phone due to hardware limitations, and many ROMS like CyanogenMod etc. are designed for the international version, not the korean version, thus you will have some problems.

My recommendation to you is to use KIES to go back to the latest Samsung released Gingerbread, root, then use a custom kernel (Tegrak is my personal choice) to get a lagfix. It will hopefully breathe new life into your phone. Hope this helps.

Also note there're many apps for Gingerbread that give you the feel and performance of ICS, such as Gallery ICS, Camera ICS, and ICS Launcher. Aside from being unable to run Chrome, you may not notice any difference.

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