The same Android version often looks different on phones from different manufacturers. For instance, Android GingerBread that runs on my HTC Explorer looks like this:

HTC Explorer Look & Feel

The same Android on the Sony Xperia U looks quite different, as seen here:

Sony Xperia U Look & Feel

Is there any way I can get the look and feel of Sony's version of Android on my HTC? Any skin pack/transformation pack/hack/firmware replacement that might enable this?

(In a general sense, how can I customize the look and feel of my Android device to look more like that of another manufacturer?)


To change the home screens, you need to install a new Launcher application - search the Play Store for Launcher and see what is available.

  • Being new to Android, I didn't know that the transformation packs were referred to as "Launchers". Based on your pointer, I found this, the Xperia inspired theme for GO Launcher EX, as well as standalone Xperia S Launchers here. Thanks! – SNag Oct 9 '12 at 11:26

You can change the appareance of your device using the GO Launcher EX applicationn that's available in the Play store.

If you are looking for the intergration of (new/old) features on your device your best bet might be installing a different ROM. A ROM is like a modified version of Android. It requires your device to be rooted though. There aren't many ROM databases on the net but the unlocker provides you the tool to select a ROM based on your device manufacturer.

  • There are many Home Launchers in Play Store. Go Launcher is the crapiest one... – Android Quesito Oct 9 '12 at 10:28
  • @Kiwi1 - Thanks! GO Launcher EX was exactly the kind of app I was looking for, that can transform the way my OS looks. Plus, I found the Xperia theme for it! – SNag Oct 9 '12 at 11:29

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