Anybody used the Z4ROOT program to root/unroot his device ? Can I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S phone ?

Is it a real root / unroot process ? I am a developer myself and know how much damage you can do on a computer if you have too much power and too little knowledge.

However, a true root / unroot program seems ideal. That way I can root the device if necessary (f.i. to grab a screen dump or whatever) and unroot the device immediatly afterwards (until such time I really know what I'm doing - if ever :) ).


I've rooted my SGS with z4root and it was a very smooth process! I can highly recommend z4root!

And while you're at it, continue with installing One Click Lag Fix to make your SGS lag a lot less! I did it, and haven't looked back since. OCLF is made by the same guy who made z4root, but for some weird reason, OCLF can, by itself, only root pre-froyo phones. But that's not a big problem, you just need 2 apps instead of one :)


I used z4root on Samsung Galaxy 3, and it was quite smooth.

The easiest way to root(unroot) android.


The XDA post for z4root says that it is 100% compatible with Samsung Galaxy S and will provide a permanent root option.

V1.2.0 : Unroot support, fix for devices with small max file size such as I5700, binaries in xbin rather than bin

So it says it will unroot? I have not used this method to root any phones, so I can not vouch for it.


Z4root was a very nice simple app (at least, v. 1.3.0 worked for SGS on Froyo 2.2),
but after I upgraded Samsung Galaxy S to Gingerbread (2.3.5),
this rooting method became nonfunctional.

The phone can be rooted with SuperOneClick though.

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