I flashed my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with the RemICS-JB 3.0 ROM, and now long-press on my headset is hard-coded to start Google Voice Search, which doesn't interest me. I'd much rather have long-press be available to other apps (I used it as "rewind" in my podcast player). Is it possible to disable this hard-coded headset control, or disable Voice Search entirely? There isn't a separate app for it, and I can't seem to disable the Google Search app.

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You can use one of the "headset button controls" available on the playstore, e.g. JAYS Headset Control or Philips Headset. Both allow you to define an app started automatically when your headset attaches, and as well to assign actions on short/long/combined headset button presses.

To make that better understandable, let's take the morse code: . is short, - is long press. So the default configuration e.g. does on...

  • . play/pause or answer incoming call
  • - increase volume
  • .- decrease volume
  • .. skip to next title or reject incoming call

and more, up to triple combinations. With most of these apps, actions can be freely configured.

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