For last 2 days, I am trying to connect my new Xperia-Tipo phone to PC but unable to connect. My PC's OS is Windows XP - SP3.

  1. When I connect to PC, it is asking for PC companion installation. But when I double click on Setup.exe its doing nothing.
  2. So I downloaded PC companion (Version 2.1) and I tried to connect, but its not detecting my phone.

In trouble shooting its saying please check its properly connected or not. Yes its connected and my phone is charging too. I switch off my phone & tried its waste of time. If i see in my computer its not detecting any drive for USB.


Try use some third party applications instead of PC Companion like: Wondershare MobileGO or MyPhoneExplorer. Both of these are free.

I recommend Wondershare MobileGo. It has a full functional free version and can automatically download and install the drivers.


Just came across a solution thought I should share it on Microsoft's Support site.

The pertinent section that worked, titled "Method 3: Disable and re-enable the USB controller" of the above page. (For the benefit of others who do not wish to see the page, it is quoted here)

Use Device Manager to disable and re-enable all the USB controllers. This lets the controllers recover the USB port from its unresponsive condition. The USB controllers represent the USB ports in Device Manager. If you are not comfortable with advanced troubleshooting, try the steps in the "Workaround" section.

To disable and re-enable the USB controllers, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then click Run. Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. Device Manager opens.
  3. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. Note You might have to scroll down the list to find this item.
  4. Right-click the first USB controller under Universal Serial Bus controllers, and then click Uninstall to remove it.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each USB controller that is listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  6. Restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically scan for hardware changes and reinstall all the USB controllers that you uninstalled.
  7. Check the USB device to see whether it is working. If the USB port recognizes the device and if you can use the device, you are finished.

But instead of removing it and restarting, instead, I just disabled it and re-enabled it (please note this will fail if you use a USB keyboard).


Disconnect from PC.
Go to Settings/Xperia/connectivity/USB connection.
Change from MTP to MSC.
Reconnect, and it should work.


Go to Settings > Developer Options, tick off USB debugging, then it'll work! It worked for me.


Look for the file wpdmtp.inf on the Internet; this is a needed driver. After downloading it to your PC, put the file in the Windows/inf directory, overwriting any existing files.

Then, open the Device Manager on your PC. Go to portable devices, and re-install the controller. Look for the necessary driver in the correct folder.

Good luck. This works for me.

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