What I am wondering is if there is any way to make Android change its profiles passively from one state to the other at e.g. 3 pm in the afternoon local time:

  • Through Android internally (with some tweaks)
  • Through an Android app
  • Through a 3rd party mod (Cyanogen etc.)
  • Through ...?

Whereas the state change should be:

  • From "Airplane mode" (set) to Wifi/3G
  • From "Mute"/vibration (set) to maximum volume, i.e. visible sound
  • Optionally: From E-Mail/Notifications on-demand (Pull) to "Push", i.e. the moment I get out of airplane mode and mute/vibrate mode, I want to get the push alerts of the last hours.

I wonder if 3. is possible, I never changed much concerning my notification settings.

Any Android version welcome, currently I run 4.0, but plan to upgrade to CM10.

What I don't want (and don't have) is NCF, because it involves me being active. The whole reason for having a scheduled, predefined activity is that I can "set and forget" it and can focus on my work being assured that I will keep my deadline or whatever. I don't want to be actively involved.

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    Use llama or tasker app. – roxan Oct 17 '12 at 9:05

Try the Profile Scheduler app.

With Profile Scheduler, you can define many 'profiles' (a set of settings covering Wifi On/Off, Data-Sync On/Off, Volume settings, Display Brightness, Bluetooth state, and many others -- for full set of settings, please refer to the Play Store page I linked above).

After creating your desired profiles (e.g., Sleep, Work, Outdoors, Driving, etc.), in the next tab (of the app) you can create 'rules' that will trigger a profile to automatically be activated. The 'rules' can be as simple as a 'time-of-day schedule' rule, or something more complex like geo-location based rules, wifi SSID-based rules, etc.

  • Can you expand on that a bit? – ale Oct 17 '12 at 15:42
  • Have you checked the linked app? With Profile Scheduler, you first create a set of profiles (Wifi on/off, volume, auto datasync, etc.). Then, you use its "Scheduler" facility to set which profile to trigger at a certain time of day (or combination of time & day, or any other state the app can detect). – pepoluan Oct 17 '12 at 16:28
  • Answers should stand on their own. It'd be great if you added that information to the answer. – ale Oct 17 '12 at 16:51
  • Hmm... I really don't want to repeat information that can easily be read in the Play store... but I'll edit my answer anyways. – pepoluan Oct 17 '12 at 18:21

There's a (relatively) new app out called Silence. There is also an ad-free paid version.

Silence allows you to toggle your ringer, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode settings automatically over scheduled intervals.


  • Simple, intuitive Holo-themed interface
  • Schedule events that occur once, or repeat on certain days of the week
  • Change your ringer to silent, vibrate, or normal mode
  • Turn Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode on and off
  • Change your settings back automatically when the scheduled event ends

Lifehacker had a review.


The Tasker app will allow you to do this, although this app can be daunting for a new user.

Tasker allows you to automate task on you Android device - the things you would like should be easily possible.


Another good app for changing the volume is Audio Mode Switcher There you can do everything according to automatically switching the audio-profile in one App. You can define a weekly schedules to switch to a given profile. You can schedule multiple start and end times (i.e. when you go to sleep etc.). It also offers a calendar integration, where you can choose to switch to a certain mode at a defined event. These events can be chosen according to their calendar and/or keyword based - I think this is very useful i.e. I can mute the phone if the word "cinema" is in the title and mute at all events in my work-calendar. Furthermore location-based switching is also possible.

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