Currently the TeamViewer QuickSupport v7.0.640 doesn't run on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100). This is not a hardware problem but a problem with various devices running on Android 4.1.1

The problem seems to be a missing library, I get a handled exeption:

could not load application module:
Cannot load library:
1936 could not load needed library 'libsurfaceflinger_client.so'
for 'libjniscreenshot23.so'
(load_library[1094]: Library 'libsurfaceflinger_client.so' not found)

So I managed to get a libsurfaceflinger_client.so by searching google. According to this XDA Post i tried to push the library to /system/lib/ and then chmod rw-r--r--

After launching the App I now get a Force Close due to an unhandled exception:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in Class:
com.teamviewer.incomingremotecontrollib.activity.MainActivity in Method:

Any ideas? My guess is that the downloaded library is not for Jelly Bean.

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