I need to install Trello on my Kindle Fire. Google Play does not "Play Well" with Kindle.

Is there an alternate location where I can download the app for manual install?

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Aptoide says to install Applications from Aptoide you need to install Aptoide Client to your phone. Don't seem to have a way - that I can see - to download it to Kindle. ONLY then can you download Trello.

This guy on youtube has a video for sideloading Android Apps on Kindle Fire without needing /using APK. Actually quite simple. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5gcMCMPpd8


I answered a similar question the other day - basically you're referring to side loading which most developers don't actively support, but if you email them and ask for an APK, I suspect most will be cool with it.


It looks like the developers were thinking about putting this app on the Amazon app store back in August but haven't actually done it yet.

In the meantime there is an unofficial Trello client available on the Amazon store, called "Hojoki". Or the web interface should also work.


I also have a Kindle Fire and I install non-Amazon apps all the time. You can download free apps, including Trello from Aptoide: it's a market like Google Play but it works on Kindle Fire. It has almost every free app you can find in Google Play.

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