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How to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy GT-i5800?

I'm using a GT-I5800L (firmware 2.1-update 1) and I'm trying to do a factory reset to see if I can get the Wi-Fi working again. I've done a factory reset on the phone in the past but it's no longer listed as an option.

When I go to Settings -> SD Card and Phone Storage, this is all that I see:

External SD card

Total Space


Available Space


Unmount SD card

Unmount SD card for safe removal

Format SD card

Format (erase) the SD card

Internal phone storage

Available space


At the bottom there used to be a factory reset option... Any ideas? I'm not overly computer smart either :/

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A good place to check for answers concerning factory reset is always hard-reset.com. At Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Android hard reset, they write how it can be done for your phone. Basically, it involves the following steps:

Using hardware buttons only

  1. Press MIDDLE of the VOLUME + MENU (middle key) + POWER ON for 1-2 sec
  2. Release Power. Recovery menu appears.
  3. Select Wipe Data/ Factory reset with volume down, then press MENU
  4. select Yes - delete all user...
  5. press MENU or POWER button

They further recommend: to hard reset i5800 Galaxy 3 battery must be fully 100% charged.

Alternative approach

As you still can turn on your phone normally, there's a second option available:

  1. open up yout telephone app (dialer)
  2. dial *2767*3855#
  3. follow the instructions

This is not a real phone call, but rather a "magic number" (shortcut to system functions).

Last word: Be aware that with a factory-reset all your manually installed apps and all your data on internal/phone memory are lost, so backup what you need before! I guess you knew that, but just in case ;)

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