I have a HTC One S with Android version 4.0.3. On the short keypad I can't find a way to do a backtick. Am I just missing it, or is there a way to enable additional characters? (Or maybe a better soft keypad to download?)


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On my Galaxy Nexus with the default Android keyboard I see the backtick (aka grave) on the secondary symbol screen. ?123 then =\< and ` is the second key in the top row.

I normally use SwiftKey 3, however, and I find it as one of the options on a long-press of ' on the secondary keyboard (accessed by pressing the 123 key).


For HTC keyboards long-pressing the C key brings up a list of characters to choose from including the backtick character.

Long-pressing the 'C' key brings up a list of characters to chose from including the backtick character.


On the standard Jelly Bean keyboard, which is the next sub-version after ICS (I class a sub-version as a version in which only the number after the decimal point is incremented), you access the backtick (`) by pressing the ?123 button, the =\< button and then the ` button is the second on the top row, from the left.

However, you may need to enable an extended or QWERTY keyboard - this can usually be done from the keyboard settings, which can be accessed at:

System Settings --> Language and Input --> Press the little setting icon next to your input method/keyboard.


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