I am looking for a way to stream online video between 2 or more Android devices over Wifi network created by hotspot tethering.

I found one that can stream audio online.

Is there something similar but for videos?

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Your best bet would probably be using a DLNA server app (This one, for example, though there are lots of others) on one device and an appropriate player (example) on the other devices. Not sure if it would work over a hotspot tether though, but there are free apps available for both ends, so it can't really hurt to try.

EDIT: Oh, misunderstood the question. That's about as easy. There are several apps on the store for running a camera server, like this one, for example. You then can use any compatible player to connect and view the camera feed

  • It seems the above solution is for file sharing. I am looking for online video (from camera) streaming. In other words, on one end I am recording video and I can see that online on the other end. Is there a solution?
    – Yasser
    Nov 16, 2012 at 15:00

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