I have a Samsung S3 with Android 4.04 and to get on my WiFi at work I need to install a certificate .p12 file. So, I navigate to "Security and lock screen"-->"Install from device storage." BUT instead of giving me a field to specify the location of my cert ( on /mnt/extSdCard ) it just says "No certificate found in USB storage."

There are some USB devices ( called "UsbDriveA" through "UsbDriveF" in my /mnt folder) but I cannot copy the cert onto them because they are read-only.

So, how do I get this certificate imported? I tried using "Android Certificate Installer" from the app store and that didn't work for me either: it launches a browser and the browser fails to prompt for the cert password.

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I figured out a workaround. The workaround is to download a File Manager tool and then double click the .p12 cert, which opens up and prompts for the password. I still don't know why the control panel doesn't do what it suggests, but at least I found a solution.

  • If you don't know which file manager to use - I successfully applied the workaround via OI File Manager - OI FIle Manager seems to be open-source and comes with sane permissions. Nov 27, 2013 at 21:54

My guess is that it wants the cert to be in a particular spot (and possibly to have a particular name).

From Google's support pages, we see that the cert has to be at the root of your phone's INTERNAL storage, not external.

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