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it is confusing that there are so many tty files in the directory...

by the way, what each file in /dev stands for, do they stand for physical devices which are part of my android device? for example, which file stands for the raw storage device in /dev directory?


That's because there are so many devices available. Entries in /dev are not restricted to physical devices, but also include logical ones. You just named one: TTY. You don't really think you've got 63 "connectors" somewhere to attach keyboards etc. to? Also, /dev/random is nothing physical, but rather "software" (a random-number generator provided by the system itself). Same applies to things like /dev/null, /dev/zero, and several others.

For more/deeper details, you might refer to following articles:

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Not all devices at /dev are physical, some of them are logical and may be temporary needed by kernel/software (and some of them are symlinks, like log_modem -> /dev/ttyACM2). And, as I see, you have default linux tty count. It's not used (reserved and may be used), but it's no problem.

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