In settings>application manager><your app> we got some infos about her.
What do they means? I am quite confused.
I really need to know it but somehow its quite hard to guess. Where can I get that full descibed information about this stats?

The most important things to know (first):

  • Total
  • Application
  • Data

Thanks in advance.

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Total = Application + Data

Application = Size of APK file of the app

Data = Space consumed by /data/data/<Package_Name_of_App> (it contains data stored by the app)

Other stats details:

  • If Force Stop button is active, it means the app is running in background. You can use this button to stop the app from running.

  • Cache section shows how much data the app has stored in /cache partition.

  • If Clear Defaults button is active, it means the app is set as default to complete an action like sending email, open URL etc. You can tap this button to clear default(s).

  • On the same page, you can get list & small description about Permissions the app has. If you need explanation of Permissions, check this article out.

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