My LG LS840 Viper 4G LTE (Sprint) recently upgraded to 4.0/ICS. Under 2.3/GB the proxy settings had been disabled entirely, but I am now able to set up per-network proxy settings for the various WiFi networks I attach to. Except—

Is there a way to add wildcards to the proxy bypass list? On (say) “Work WiFi” I can add example.com to the proxy bypass list, but not *.example.com. If any of the entries in the list have an asterisk, the Save button is disabled.

Is this a limitation in Android, or one which Sprint & LG have imposed on me? Is there a work-around?

ETA: A coworker running into a similar issue wit Cyanogenmod suggested .example.com (leading dot, no asterisk); this work-around works for him, but my phone rejects this form as well.

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Looking at this CyanogenMod source code (which, according to the file history, does not actually have any CyanogenMod-specific changes), I see that the initial dot in proxy bypass list elements is just ignored, and an initial wildcard is implied — that is, you can write either example.com or .example.com in the list, and this entry will match example.com, a.example.com, a.b.example.com, … (note that any number of subdomain levels can be matched, unlike, e.g., with *.example.com in an SSL certificate).

If your phone does not actually work this way (e.g., you add example.com to the proxy bypass list, but www.example.com still goes through the proxy), either this code was modified by the phone vendor, or a particular app is using its own implementation of bypass list matching instead of the system-provided code.

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