A little background on me: I'm a professional cartoonist and have been working digital for about 20 years. I've had numerous Wacom devices & currently enjoy a Cintiq 21UX (older model). I also have the ASUS EP121 Slate. I think I understand Wacoms pretty well and generally don't panic about computer stuff.

The Samsung Note 10.1 S Pen is using Wacom's penabled tech. Same kind of hardware in the ASUS EP 121.

With every Wacom device I've used to date, either Mac or Windows, there is a control panel dialogue box that allows you to tweak the pressure settings of the pen so that the artist/user has the best control for them. The S Pen does not have this and I want it! :)

I have called Wacom. They said they provided the hardware but do not provide support for it. I called Samsung who said it was an Android operating system issue. Before I begin another round of waiting on hold hoping for Android support I thought I'd try here.

Any assistance or at least firm Android tech suppport numbers I could call would be much appreciated. I realize the Note 10.1 is brand new tech and a proper driver solution may be a few updates away but I am willing to be a squeaky wheel and/or early adopter to help this happen :)


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Only chinese tablet Eben T6 or T7 provide a better solution of Wacom S pen, Samsung has no development of Wacom pen pressure tuning at all and make it no much different from a capasitive pen

  • Do you have sources? The fact that the tablet uses Wacom's technology which does have pressure control suggests that it can be done on a Samsung tablet, perhaps not with their OS but certainly on that tablet.
    – Peanut
    Jun 17, 2013 at 2:37

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