I can move apps manually or progammatically on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 1, but on my LG P-705 with newer android version there is no such an option. Apps like App2SD don't work as well.

Why does LG P-705 Android 4.0 Smartphone not have a move to SD feature?

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First, you should root your smartphone. Then, use Link2SDapp. Then, move the app to the SD card.

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    If possible, please provide a link to the app. :)
    – geffchang
    Commented Jan 31, 2013 at 7:44

first of all, you should root your phone, follow this link to find out how you can root your phone : ONE CLICK ROOT YOUR LG LG-P705 then you can use this apps to move your apps too your SD card : APP2SD 3 or AppMgr Pro III

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