I usually sleep with my cellphone on silent mode, but some important people are allowed to wake me up whenever they want. When it's not on silent mode, some inconvenient people usually wake me up for nothing. Is there a way to make a call filter and allow only these important people to make my phone ring?

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I recommend Sanity which is free and open source. It has many calling-related features, such as call filtering by caller name, that you can set it to get silent when some people call you.

These two features, copied from description of the app, would really help you:


  • block unwanted calls and SMS: automatically refuse incoming calls and SMS filtering out the phone number (include or exclude anonymous and/or unknown numbers, favourites, contacts and groups; enable the block by choosing date and time); advanced: choose between different block methods to confuse the caller!

  • urgent calls: choose what phone numbers your phone will ring or vibrate also when it's in silent mode.



Install Call Master.

  1. Create a list of important people and set actions normal.

  2. Create a list for everyone and set actions to mute.

  3. Create a profile and put 1st list on top and 2nd list at bottom (the sequence matters).

  4. At the time of your requirement of question, just activate the profile of Step 3.

The app requires root access to block calls silently, but I am not sure that root access is required to mute or not. I haven't tested it on a non-rooted device. If your device isn't rooted, first test it with the trial of the app available in Play Store.


Relatively new app: CritiCall Pro (trial version)

CritiCall allows you to easily set “critical” contacts so your phone will ring when those contacts call or text, even when your phone is on silent.


  • Phone rings when critical contacts call you – even when phone is set to silent!
  • Works for texts
  • Set as many “critical” contacts as you want
  • Scheduler - set custom times for contacts
  • Groups
    • Unlimited number of groups (friends, family, work, clients, etc)
    • Unlimited number of contacts within each group
    • Change settings once to change the settings for all contacts in the group
  • Customizable ringtones and notifications
  • Adjustable Auto-resume feature will reactivate CritiCall automatically

Call Filter Alarm appears to do that.

Do you use your smartphone as alarm? Do you want to choose the people who can contact you while sleeping? If you simply leave you smartphone turned on, you risk that anybody can wake you up, or... you use Call Filter Alarm!

Using this innovative app, you can define all the alarms you need with the possibility to specify, for every single alarm, who can call you, shutting up all other calls / sms notifications and intelligently manage wifi activation / deactivation, data usage, offline mode.

How it works:

  • Define the alarm
  • Choose who can call you (if needed)
  • Before going to sleep, enable sleep mode

Your phone will ring only for who you decided. Other calls / sms will happen in silent mode and you will be able to see them as lost when you will wake up.

In addition to the particular call and sms filters feature, using Call Filter Alarm you can:

  • Intelligently manage wifi activation / deactivation, data usage, offline mode, silent mode with a single button: the sleep mode
  • Personalize sleep mode as you want
  • Set tone, volume and vibration for allowed call and allowed sms
  • Set volume, volume increment, snooze, tone (music or ringtone), vibration for every single alarm in addition to application level
  • Daily alarm repetition
  • Incremental alarm volume
  • Multilanguage (English and Italian now available)

The short of it in Tasker is to create a new profile as follows:

New Profile:

Context: Time

  • From: 22:00
  • To: 6:30

Context: State> Phone Call

  • Type: Incoming
  • Number: C:FAV (This is any starred contact, You can also list specific contacts if you like)


New Action: Audio Setting > Ringer Volume

  • Level: 7

Exit Task

New Action: Audio Setting> Silent Mode

  • Mode: On

I will try to update later with screenshots and more in depth walkthrough.

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