I have a need to setup a touch screen GUI for a booking system and I am exploring Android as a option to accomplish this.

Some crucial things I need to know are:

  • Can I customize an Android based pad/other hardware so it only has on application (my booking system) running on it?
  • Can I configure the booking system to autoload each time time the hardware is powered up?
  • Can I install Android on a display device, like a TV, and behave like a large touch screen

All this is to take advantage of Android's powers whilst keeping the public facing booking system running continuously from power-up without other apps interfering etc.


While I agree with Uwe on #1, it does not correctly relate to your question. What you want is only one visible app, so the users cannot switch to any other. That's what Kiosk Mode is about: Creating a "jail" to keep the user in -- while the "admin" can "break it" for configuration etc. (which would e.g. require a password then). For alternative solutions on "Kiosk Mode", just search our site for "kiosk".

Second, there are a lot of "App Lockers" and "Child Mode" apps available, which are also a variant of Kiosk Mode. Simply search the Playstore for "app-lock" to find a good selection.

For #2 I must disagree with Uwe: Unless you're a developer, you cannot make "every app" a home screen (the app must register as such). But this should be handled by the app providing the Kiosk-Mode -- so watch out that this feature is available with that (keywords would include "autostart", "launcher" or "homescreen").

Not sure about #3. I know there are big touchscreens around, but I have no idea how they can be operated by an Android device. Taking a good guess, "Google TV" could be involved with that ;)


My answers to your questions:

  1. There will be more than one app running on your system because some OS tasks are also handled by apps.
  2. Yes, you can make your app a home screen which will handling the start of the other apps (or not)
  3. Not sure. It's possible that other devices (like TVs) are also running android.
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    Much appreciated – sisko Nov 26 '12 at 12:25

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