I dropped my Nexus S in water. I dried it out for a few days and the phone turns on to the home screen, and it seems to get the latest notifications although I cannot slide the phone and the touchscreen doesn't work.

Is there anything I can do from my computer, while phone is plugged in to get the touchscreen working again?

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    How'd you dry it out? Your work might not be done... Nov 29, 2012 at 17:09
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    The Nexus S is rather easy to open and take apart (iFixit howto here). I'd suggest you do this or leave it for some more days. If that all doesn't help, you can get a replacement for the (EU) lcd (i9023) or (US) amoled (i9020) model on ebay (the pure panel+touch is cheaper but harder to reassemble (glue needed), they also sell the whole frontpanel (touch+screen+plastic-bordering+magnesium-chassis) as a whole (harder to find, more expensive but very easy to fix (2mins maybe)))
    – ce4
    Nov 29, 2012 at 18:31

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If the hardware is water damaged, then no sorry.

It is quite possible that the device still has a small amount of liquid inside it - I suggest crushing some chalk, and placing the entire device into the crushed chalk (it absorbs moisture).

Otherwise, I am sorry to say that you would be quite stuck and would have to go to a repair shop.


Simplest Method.

Place moisture-damaged device in zip-lock bag, with at least two tablespoons of white rice.

Store in warm place (hot water cupboard, or sunny nook), but out of direct sunlight, for two to three days.

Then all moisture will now be in rice, which you should discard (rather than consume).

Note: Any attempt to use device, prior to complete removal of moisture, may have permanently damaged the device.

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