I have a Samsung Galaxy Y and rooted it a few days ago. After that I set up a few apps and granted them access to root permissions (via the Superuser app). I allowed root to all apps that requested it.

Now I cannot connect to the internet via any app except browser apps - Gmail cannot receive emails, and Google Play is not loading.

I tried a factory reset and unrooted the phone, but it is still not working.

How can I fix this issue?

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    what rooted apps did you use?
    – Lie Ryan
    Nov 29, 2012 at 19:26
  • Don't have enough rep to post this as an answer, but this may be resolved by disabling any proxy settings on your WiFi connection: reddit.com/r/LGG3/comments/2ofhsn/…
    – yellavon
    Apr 17, 2015 at 3:30

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Is background data enabled?

You can enable it in Settings->Accounts and Sync->Background Data or System Settings->Data Use->Menu Button->Auto-sync data checked.


If it's specific to your Google accounts, check the general Google synce settings.

Settings->Accounts/Google->[email protected] Last synced MM/DD/YYYY 12:00 PM->List of Google Sync Settings.

Some apps may indicate sync is turned off, like the Gmail app:

Gmail App->Menu/Settings->[email protected]>DATA USAGE/Gmail sync is OFF

I was facing the similar issue with whatsapp, finally found out the simple solution

Settings -> Accounts & sync -> ENABLE this

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