I want to root and upgrade to 4.1 a just-unboxed Samsung Galaxy S3.

After running the official OTA update with stock Samsung ROM, I tried to follow the tutorial here with openSUSE.

I installed Heimdall from YaST and run the tool with --param and --recovery options with the files I downloaded for rooting.

The problem is that after reboot I always get stock recovery.

Why doesn't it work with 4.1 OS but with 4.0?

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While writing the question I found the solution.


In Odin Mode, when the phone accepts a new recovery to be flashed, the original Samsung recovery of 4.1 ROM automatically does everything to avoid being flashed, that's actually re-flashing itself on reboot, just like a good ol' computer virus!


Run Heimdall with --no-reboot flag, or if you are using Odin for Windows, uncheck the auto reboot checkbox.

When flashed, physically remove battery and disconnect USB power supply. Congratulations, you just have ClockworkMod recovery installed!!

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