I don't have an Android device, but I'm thinking of getting a Nexus tablet, and using android-vnc-viewer to make the Nexus an input device to control the PC, and provide faster cursor movement/text editing. Both screens would be a mirror of each other.

From VNC videos that I see on YouTube, such as in this video, after optionally zooming in, you can touch the screen, and slide it to move the view. However, the cursor remains centered. The cursor seems to only move when you touch a button/control.

Once I'm happy with the view, can I lock it? Screen touches would then just move the cursor to where I touch. I already know of text manipulation commands once a cursor is within text such as words, sentences, or paragraphs; I'd rather not have to double tap to move the cursor and select, as I have some RSI (repetitive strain injuries)/Tendinosis.

Thanks for any information.

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The app has multiple input modes. In the default, tapping the display moves and clicks the mouse. In another mode, the display acts like a trackpad, so dragging along the screen causes the mouse to move accordingly on the remote system. See the "input modes" sections of the documentation for details. You can change the input mode from the app menu without disconnecting.

  • Thank you! I believe that I want either “Touch Mouse Pan and Zoom”, or “Mouse Control Mode”.
    – Jeff Kang
    Commented Dec 4, 2012 at 1:03

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